Craft & Design Magazine’s Selected Maker Awards 2016

I was delighted to have been awarded a Silver Award in the textiles and needlecraft section of Craft & Design Magazine’s Selected Maker Awards 2016.

Judge’s statement:

 “Fleur Andreas hand weaves shawls, scarves and wall hangings. She has a connection with natural fibres, preferring to work with silk, merino, cotton and bamboo, which she dyes herself in a variety of subtle hues inspired by the unspoilt landscape. Fleur came to weaving later in life and perfected her craft at the University College for the Creative Arts, Farnham, one of the best weaving departments in the country. What impresses me most about Fleur is the virtuoso skill she uses with complex weave structures, which allow her colours to dance across the surface of the cloth.” Polly Leonard, April 2016.





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